AUTHOR Services

Do you have a book that needs to get written? 

Perhaps you have something important to share—a compelling professional project, an important business, a proven method for helping improve people's lives, a story that should be a book—but need some help getting your ideas into print.

Throughout my career as a journalist and author, I've helped other writers get their ideas published and heard.  I offer:

  • Book proposal consulting and evaluation

  • Book doctoring: What is and isn't working and how to better wrangle your material into a solid structure

  • Ghostwriting and co-authoring

  • Editing

  • Writing coaching

  • Platform development including website, op-ed and marketing support

Having worked as an author and as an editor and writer for popular magazines and websites, I am particularly adept at helping writers and non-writers alike communicate even complicated ideas in readable, lively and engaging prose. 


Writing and selling a nonfiction book starts with creating a solid book proposal.

A book proposal is usually about 30 -70 pages, and contains two parts:

  • The sales portion, which explains to a publisher who you are, why readers will want and need your book, how you'll help promote it, and what else is out there like it. 

  • Sample chapters or a fleshed-out table of contents.

Writing a book proposal can sound daunting, but it's a great way to clarify your vision, thoroughly understand where your book sits in relation to others, and increase your own motivation.  Many people benefit from pre-proposal consultation—taking the time to talk through potential ideas, your own desires and mission, and your time and "mental budget."  


A professional book doctor can support you on everything from concept to editing to platform.

Some people have great ideas and important stories to tell, but need help identifying the main themes, the most important threads, and how to best articulate their expertise.  Others seek line-by-line editing.  Still others have concerns about how publishing a book will impact their business ventures or relationships, and can use help talking through this.   I love helping people figure out what they want to write and why, the most logical and engaging book structure, and how to clarify and strengthen their voice. I also can help you find and choose an agent, build a platform, and boost thought leadership—important steps toward both selling a book to a publisher and making sure readers find it.  (Check out, the website I run to further share the research in my last book, Splitopia: Dispatches from Today's Good Divorce and How to Part Well, and help readers find it.) 



"Without Wendy Paris, my book, What to Say When Things Get Tough (McGraw-Hill, 2013), simply would not have been published. Her advice and editing skills turned my haphazard idea into a real book proposal, one that attracted the attention of an agent she knew and with whom I signed. That led to multiple offers and eventually to a contract with McGraw-Hill. As an author herself, Wendy knows the book world cover to cover. I would recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in getting their own books published."

—Leonard Greenberger, partner at Potomac Communications, author of What to Say When Things Get Tough: Business Communication Strategies for Winning People Over When They're Angry, Worried and Suspicious of Everything You Say  (McGraw-Hill).


"Wendy Paris is a superb editor. On two very different books, she helped me find the right overall voice for my writing, and brought real skill and patience to improving the manuscripts, chapter by chapter and line by line. If only all authors were lucky enough to have an editor like Wendy on their side."

—David Callahan, author of nine books, including the New York Times bestseller, The Cheating Culture (Harcourt, 2004) and The Givers (Knopft, 2017), and founder and editor of Inside Philanthropy.


"I love Wendy Paris. She is super smart, wonderful and witty, and a get-it-done person who is a pleasure to work with. I truly enjoyed creatively collaborating with such a talented writer!"

—Cristina Carlino, founder of the revolutionary skincare line Philosophy, Inc.


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